What is the purpose of a press release and why is it important?:

A press release is an official statement which is used to announce your events, exhibitions, news, new business or product. It is handed out to the media: journalists from magazines, newspapers, and blogs. It should provide them with details about your event/news/product that they can publish, and give them the foundations to creating a write up.


Content and Layout:

Points to follow

  1. Try and keep it to one page.
  2. At the top left corner specify the date of release, i.e for immediate release or Embargo. If it is under embargo then give the relevant date. It is always preferred that it is for immediate release, it makes things a lot easier for journalists.
  3. Put your contact details either on the top right corner (as in our example) or at the bottom of the end of the press release. Links to any websites must be placed on the bottom of the page also.
  4. Create a great title or headline and follow with an image. In our example our title was also in our image.
  5. If it’s an event or business you are writing about then make sure all dates, locations and times are noted.
  6. Follow with short paragraphs, no more than 3, with the facts and details. Keep it simple, and easy to read.  You could possibly add in a quote or two.
  7. ### or writing ENDS underneath your paragraphs signal the end of the press release
  8. Add “notes to editors” or “About ____”  to include a very short background into who you are, or about your company. If you want to specify more details on imagery, and further details then do so here also.
  9. Optional: add a logo at the bottom of the page.

Finally double check that your press release hits on the five “Ws” – Who, What, Why, Where, When.