Earlier in the year artist Anish Kapoor received exclusive rights to the pigment Vantablack, which is the blackest black in the world as it absorbs 99.6% of light. Artists everywhere were outraged at the idea of a person owning a colour, but now one artist fights back. Stuart Semple has created what he believes is the Pinkest Pink in the world. He has developed an ultra bright and highly reflective rich powdered paint which he is openly available to purchase from anyone except Anish Kapoor and his affiliates. Stuart Semple’s paint is available to purchase for just £3.99, which it what it costs him to make. Upon purchasing the pink powdered paint you will be asked to sign a legal declaration stating that you are not Anish Kapoor or affiliated with him.

Get your hands on it the Pinkest Pink here: culturehustle.com

More about Stuart Semple here: stuartsemple.com