Every so often we need to refocus and rejuvenate our creative energy. We seek to find clarity within our cloudy creative process, but find ourselves riding a monotonous wave. Here are a few tips to break free, refreshed and re-energised.

De-clutter your work space and your home. Get rid of the old, resist hoarding the unused and un-needed. You may also discover a forgotten item, an item that will finally become useful.

Change your surroundings. Choose a different spot to have lunch, move to a different part of the room to work in, or move to a local cafe (one that you haven’t been to before). Take a different route to and from work. Change your “me” time: instead of a cuppa and veg infront of the TV try taking regular walks, or join a calming yoga class.

Ensure you are getting adequate sleep, and make sure you put your laptop and phones away an hour before tucking. Looking at a screen before bed can tell your brain to stay awake, limiting your hours of sleep. Lack of sleep affects your ability to problem solve, stay calm and affects your memory.

For more info on the impact of checking your phone/laptop before bed does to your mind and body, click HERE.

Get a little inspiration by visiting an exhibition, live music event, or theatre. You could even try reading a book in a genre you wouldn’t usually go for or try listening to new music.


“The hardest part of any task is starting it.”

No matter how small the idea or task, just start it. The rest will come later. Once you’ve got started it’s easier to keep up the momentum.