Lumen III: La Luce delle Stelle

Join us for the culmination of Lumen’s Residency in Atina, Italy, during September 2015. The resident artists and exhibition have been curated by Louise Beer, Raymond Hemson and Melanie King. This residency was in collaboration with artist Natasha Sabatini.

The residency was focused on the themes of astronomy and light in order to examine and contextualise contemporary existence.

On this residency the artists had the opportunity to visit:

Campo Catino Observatory
The Montecassino Abbey
Church of Santa Maria Assunta
Local Atina Observatory with Paul Rufo  

Exhibiting artists:

Naomi Avsec
Louise Beer
Molly Behagg
Samuel Brzeski
Alice Dunseath
Nettie Edwards
Jaden Hastings
Osheen Harruthoonyan
Raymond Hemson
Emilia Izquierdo
Elena Karakitsou
Melanie King
Claire Krouzecky
Peiwen Li
Mahal de Man
Yaz Norris
Lisa Pettibone
Marta Pinilla
Natasha Sabatini
Alice Serraino
Joshua Space
Eva Rudlinger
Sisetta Zappone
Qing Zhou