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TOKYO TALES was launched at the Whitechapel Gallery London in 2007.

Tokyo Tales is a highly-personal artist’s book based on a residency in Japan. Stella Whalley travels to the dark heart of a complex society, where women dress as men to chaperone women, where gangsters loiter on street corners framed against a backdrop of the most futuristic, complex, high ordered but chaotic city in the world. Manga, porn anime and the traditional world of the Geisha and Samurai collide in a unique collection of drawings, photographs, screen prints and paintings that is Tokyo Tales. 

The book is available in two editions: a special artist edition with beautiful personalised silk covers or flocked japanese patterns, and a bookshop edition with silver foiled faux- silk covers.

(This product is the bookshop edition with a silver foiled faux- silk cover)

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