bodysnatchers By Stella Whalley London, England: Sugar Pink, 1999. 23 x 24 cm; 24 pages. Offset printed. 

Stella Whalley’s work takes the form of the photographic print from performance, drawings etchings and embroideries of solitary personae in diverse settings – bedroom, clinic, bathroom, church.
Whalley ‘stars’ in all the photographs herself so that, despite the apparent veracity of the scenarios, they are exposed as fictional constructs. This is particularly interesting in light of the subjects the photographs address – medicine, porn, religion – areas with a history of theatricality, of fiction posing as reality. Thus the viewer is invited to question the nature of representation in other contexts also – from the photographs in medical journals or textbooks to the centrefolds of pornographic magazines. There is also a feminist statement inherent in Whalley’s act of taking such control over the image: setting it up, performing it, photographing it, manipulating it, determining its display.
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