Peter Barnard is a contemporary artist whose practise includes a broad range of various disciplines such as Video, Sculpture, Installation and Sound.

Peter’s work often seeks to articulate the hidden undercurrents of day-to-day life in relation to how certain objects and spaces speak to us, whether it would be on a psychological or ontological level, through a body of work ranging from site-specific installations, sculpture to video works that purposefully inquire into the functionality of sound as an aesthetic experience.

His work as an artist deals primarily with the phenomena of sound as it feeds into how certain spaces or objects speak to us on both a psychological and ontological level. This is explored through a body of work where acoustic environments would be created from the sound diffused from site-specific installations with elements of minimalistic sculpture, embracing both lo-fi and advanced technology, that inquire into the functionality of sound as an aesthetic experience. Peter also works with the medium of video, making use of sonic elements that exist in the form of sound frequencies which are are not immediately audible to the human senses, expanding on the aural characteristics of cinematic experience.

Barnard’s work has been recently featured in a radio programme curated by Jennie Savage in collaboration with Echoes for the Lisbon Architecture Triennale & Stress.Fm (2013).

Recent exhibitions have also included; Parallel Moment – Denton, Texas (2013), AMORPHOUS – Sarah & James Arts, London (2013) and PUNK SALON, Schwartz Gallery, London (2013).

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