Olivia Milani is a Switzerland born photographer. She has a great passion for travelling and documents her findings with a compassionate eye. She is intrigued by the interconnectedness of phenomena in life and by its contradictions. Capturing and creating images is a way for her to engage with the world and make sense of it. She is interested in finding patterns of connection, in the seemingly unrelated and unnoticed. Olivia’s search often leads her to remote and unusual locations, however she is also charmed by the hidden depth and peculiar grace of everyday places. Her work is not so much about capturing a fleeting moment but rather to create a space for it. Every moment is unique, alive and rich. Olivia’s work also explores her interests in  universal aspects of the human condition, and in that which connects us. Like the experience of exile, which is a defining characteristic of the 21st century. In our interconnected world, borders have become more fluid, causing for ones sense of identity and belonging to be redefined.

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Olivia studied photography at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, graduating with a Post Graduate Certificate in Photography. Prior to that she studied Graphic Design in Lugano, Switzerland. She now lives and works in London and has done since 2006. At present she is working on a series of photographs she took on her most recent journey across Russia, Mongolia, China, Japan and Bali. Olivia approaches her work with serious playfulness and she likes to let its meaning unfold.

For more info on Olivia and to see more work please visit: www.oliviamilani.net