Olivia Brazier creates works influenced by the everyday with a western perspective. Decoupages, gathered from porn magazines and supermarket flyers, create unlikely pairings that take a literal approach to contemporary hunger. Intrigued by our overwhelming choices that result in diet fads and “superfoods”, Brazier looks into our short-term relationships with food.

In her work, the interaction with food is physical rather than psychological and cravings are depicted by lustful ladies straddling fruit and veg. These flirty photomontages depict her observed reactions to feasting.
Although the subject matters appear dissimilar, they are reunited by objectification. The ladies depicted have often been compared to consumable goods; a fruit or an indulgent treat. Brazier is engrossed by how we compare consuming food to consuming the body. With a humorous take, she embraces our consumerist faults. Some of her favorite foodie-sex euphemisms include: “Planting the parsnip”, “Having hot pudding for supper” and last but not least “Swapping gravy”.


Brazier (b.1991, S. England) lives and works in London, UK. She has participated in multiple shows across London and the South of France. Recent exhibitions include Future Late, Tate Modern Turbine Hall, London, UK (2016); An Evening of Art, Darren Baker Gallery, London, UK (2016); Colourflux, La Turbie, France (2016) and Work it!, Art Licks Weekend, A-side B-side Gallery, London, UK (2016). She has also appeared in Arcane Contemporary Art Magazine, Summer Issue, Vancouver, Canada (2016) and is a member of the Your Beautiful Collective.