Ironing and Such-  Mindsight- by Tom Hull, Sarah Hudson, Alys North, Joe Book, Sabrina Margareta Sauer.

Ironing and Such-  Mindsight- by Tom Hull, Sarah Hudson, Alys North, Joe Book, Sabrina Margareta Sauer.

Tom Hull is a composer and musician who has recently returned to London after studying in Devon and Cornwall at Dartington College of Arts. He has found inspiration from all over the world. As a musician he plays percussion; ranging from a drum kit, African drums to Taiko. In 2011, Tom travelled to Ghana to learn the drumming of the Ewe from a master drummer named Johnson Kemeh.

His focus for the past two years have been to explore sound as a material, a physical object with its own characteristics in how it moves and acts within space and time: awareness of elements such as causality, chain reactions and the subtle relationships, connections and concepts within a larger piece of work. He is interested in creating work that is live or acousmatic, that draws on his experiences as a percussionist and his ethos of sound as sonic entities, with a heavy focus on the tangible qualities of sound and sonic characteristics of an instrument or object as it sounds. Tom also explores how a sound behaves, if it moves around or if it is still, if it is dark or light, solid or melting. It is this approach to sonic quality that drives his work whether it is written for solo violin or the articulation of all manners of sound into a living sonic creature.

This shift in his focus for the past two years was Inspired by composers such as Bernard Parmegiani and the mentoring of Annti Sakari Saario, as wells as writers such as Dennis Smalley and his lectures on spectromorphology. The majority of Tom’s compositions, although not exclusively, have moved into recording sonic samples and using technology to explore, manipulate and change their innate characteristics.

Tom’s interests in exploration and cross discipline work have led him to compose music for the human body, exploring the nature of our own form as a sounding object, and he is currently writing music for other instrumentalists as well as music in collaboration with dance, film and other artists.

Favour and Disgrace are like Fear– Written by Tom Hull for Tuba and guitar, performed by Mark Riseborough and Ben Lennox.

Molecule– an excerpt from Molecule, composed by Tom Hull

Mechanical Menace 
– Composed by Tom Hull, based on Yan Li’s Suicide Factory, Violin Performed by Sarah Clayman, Cello Joe Brook. Recored by Tom Hull and Joe brook.

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