Needless Alley Collective

Catherine Goodwin, Xavier de Sousa, Cordelia Howard – Photograph by Gabrielle Cooper

The Needless Alley Collective are a performance and theatre group.  They describe themselves as “Art Lovers, theatre darlings and piss-takers” who’ve combined their various backgrounds to form this unique collaboration. Xavier with a live art background, Cordelia in classical theatre and Catherine in comedy, the collective create performances that take the audience on an emotional and sensory indulgence.

  • They carry an artistic ethos involving the following policies:
  •  Site-responsive performances and installations with theatrical influences.
  • Exploration of the relationship between performer, space and audience;
  • Confrontation of what is perceived as reality and fiction;
  • Multi-media interactions;
  • Constant collaboration with other artists in order to provoke constant intellectual and artistic exchanges.

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