Karma Centre, Free2B, Palestine, 2011 [Photographer: Lance Kirby]

Lance Kirby, a performer, project coordinator & workshop facilitator has experience working in both the UK and abroad. He leads workshops using theatre, acting, writing exercises and movement to create an open atmospheric space where people can explore their views on freedom of expression, censorship and crossing the line of what is deemed offensive. Lance has supported and lead workshops for arts organisations such as: English PEN, Apples and Snakes, Urban Development, Immediate Theatre and FREE2B (which took place in Palestine).

Lance has desires to create a theatre based company, producing and creating his own performance events.

For more info about Lance Kirby contact: info@leapintothevoid.co.uk

Leap Into The Void – Arts are offering the chance to take part in a workshop with Lance Kirby. Stay posted with upcoming events.

“Where Do You Draw The Line?” 
May 27th, 2013.  11am – 4pm
The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Rd, London E8 3AS
Fee: £3