Jeanette Stevenson creates beautiful rustic and organic images using the process of photographic montage. Her work has the fascinating aspect of masquerading, at times, as watercolor, pastel, oil or acrylic, colored pencil…depending on the techniques and printing processes that are used. While this is not the central allure to her creating Photographic Montages, it is an engaging aspect.

“A small favourite memory of mine from an early exhibition revolves around the beguiling queries of “How was this done?” or “What is this medium?”: A woman, draped in de rigueur opening night black -unaware that I was observing a few feet away- swayed close to one of my prints and brought her face kissing close to the glass and then, muttering in perplexion, peered sidelong across the front plane of the piece. She abruptly paced away…Confounding a seasoned art patron delighted me, I must say.” Jeanette Stevenson

Jeanette’s background is a formal art school education and with it years of devoted landscape painting, only later to fall headlong in love with layering transparencies, leading her to put aside the brushes for the camera. It was to her surprise that her passion for photography upstaged that for painting. It is no surprise to us then that her work is influenced and tends to appear as though it is a mimic of a painting.

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