Italy born photographer Francesca Marcaccio Hitzeman creates work that repeatedly  returns to the themes of belonging and human connections to their environment.
Her work is often an exploration of how the human physical form interacts with a metaphorical, physical or psychological space.

The series Floating Nest looks a what ‘Home’ means and the physical and mental stains it leaves with us.

To feel at home is to feel safe; it is to know that things are in their place. Each person has several objects, which augment their personal autobiography and the placement of these objects allows them to negotiate a sense of belonging in a place outside what they call home. Francesca investigates the ways individuals use objects to negotiate their interior space, their nesting ground, in an increasingly geographically fractured existence.

Using portraiture she wants to capture these individuals and their nests as a cohesive unit, a portrait of their identity as a body and as a sum of the objects in which they surround themselves transformed into an icon, a photograph. These photographs are usually accompanied by objects, where these objects would act as tokens of personal memory that occupy space and signify an additional sensory relationship between the individual and their objects.

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