Ear Films

What is an EarFilm?
An EarFilm is a purely audio film for the ears and the imagination. They fuse live story-telling, 3D sound and a cinematic musical score to create an experience that truly unlocks the listener’s imagination. EarFilms breathes new life into the tradition of storytelling, turning it into a hyper-real experience.

Utilising ambisonics with live story-telling, an audience is invited to be blind-folded to truly immerse themselves within their own imaginations. They are surrounded by 19 speakers, where sound travels in synch with character movements, traffic, birds flying past, etc, ultimately bringing the audience into the world that you can physically hear, leaving your imagination to paint the pictures. EarFilms has been noted by the Royal Institute of Blind People as one of the most inclusive entertainment productions that can cater for both sighted and partially sighted audiences.
They work with some of the best story-tellers, sound designers and composers to create their EarFilms. This means it can take a while before they finish a feature-length piece, due to script-writing, composing the score, and recording and collating all the binaural foley sounds (that’s all the heavy breathing, footsteps, cars going past etc)… Then there’s the mixing process!
“To Sleep, To Dream”, currently in production, is their first feature length EarFilm. The piece is a modern day fairy tale set 175 years in the future in a place where humans are prevented from dreaming.EarFilms has its European Premiere of the first feature EarFilm, To Sleep To Dream at Brighton Festival from 4th-6th May 2013.

Daniel Marcus Clark, Founder of EarFilms, answers in depth: What is an EarFilm?

The EarFilms Experience from EarFilms on Vimeo.

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LITVoid-Arts recommends checking the EarFilms Facebook page. There are some great images, which offer a chance to see the planning and setup for their first feature length EarFilm ‘To Sleep, To Dream”.