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LITVoid-arts featured Artist Laura Hathaway has been working alongside multidisciplinary artist Howard Hardiman on a yearlong residency funded by Arts Council England. With mentoring throughout from art advisor Jonathan Parsons and Quay Arts gallery manager Georgia Newman the artists have worked towards a joint exhibition ‘Line and Shade’ opening at the end of April 2014. ‘Start-up Studio’ was an initiative set up by Quay Arts for two artists sharing a free studio space at Jubilee Stores with access to creative mentoring, educational training and funding. The emerging island artists were recently awarded a further Arts Council England grant financing the production of work and supporting the costs of the five week exhibition.

Please click here to view details of their upcoming exhibition: www.leapintothevoid.co.uk/project/line-and-shade-sat-26-apr-sat-31-may-2014/

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 Line and Shade
Laura Hathaway and Howard Hardiman
Quay Arts
The West Gallery
Sat 26 Apr – Sat 31 May
Preview Evening: Sat 26 Apr 6pm – 7.30pm 
*Free gallery tour for sign language users with Howard Hardiman: Sat 3rd May 12pm
*Free gallery walk & talk tour with artists and Jonathan Parsons: Sat 10th May 2pm


About the Artists:

Laura Hathaway

“Current practice stems from on ongoing evolution of self-discovery. Inspired by Dada ideologies, my work gives expression to human elements such as the irrational and unconscious – capturing the complex nature of the human mind and my quest to understand my own psycho-biology. The surrounding ocean landscape has subconsciously entered my work alongside this exploration of psychoanalysis – fusing together in the form of prints, drawings, installations and sculptures that ultimately express an intimate communication of complex thought processes.

Exploring mark making as a material product of the body – creating organic and delicate compositions – the role of the unconscious is paramount to the process, which is intuitive, intense and spontaneous.

The role of ‘chance’ is a distinguishing element to my practice. Inspired by the workings of Cy Twombly, Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock I thrive off unexpected and accidental outcomes.

Dark monochromatic colours portray an air of emptiness and loneliness, in conjunction with dashes of colour and the occasional pigmented fingerprint that infiltrate the gloominess and subsequently explore the emotional impact of colour – often the colour becomes the subject of the work.

Alongside an innate need to control my own nature, these abstract expressions are put through a process of assemblage, which has evolved into a ritualistic technique of placing and re-adjusting before finally settling on a composition, creating a sense of order and precision. The work is a juxtaposition between spontaneity, chaos and my own need for a sense of control.”

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Howard Hardiman

“Art communicates both the subtle and sublime in ways that fascinates me. Whether it’s the poetry of mathematics or the gentle colour shifts in paint, there’s a power that speaks to me. My research branches into pure mathematics, colour theory, architecture and Bronze Age shamanism. My work uses drawing (both physical and digital) and painting in oil to explore movement through line and colour and to reach for a sense of beauty and majesty.”