Monoprint on paper
Oil based printing ink, tissue paper
Sensation Series May 2012

Through abstract printmaking, collage and drawing Laura creates works made up of intense energetic movements, and successions of quick marks which evoke a sense of spontaneity. She plays with restricted colour and geometric forms, often the colour itself is the subject of the work. They are synchronously light and dreamy, melancholic and lugubrious, revealing traces of uncertainty in her own body and mind and often become evocative of apocalyptic landscapes.
A collection of marks on fragments of paper placed in response to the space, feelings and often to the sound of music. The pieces are continuously moved and readjusted, the process is intuitive; sensing, feeling, and responding to shadows and shapes allowing them to interact, before finally settling on a composition. It is an arena in which Laura analyses and reflects.
Laura tends to work on the floor where she feels nearer, more connected to the piece. This way she can put her whole body and energy into the work, creating emotionally driven marks and literally becoming part of the work. These expressed outpourings of emotion create such depth and intensity that they repeatedly become concepts she struggles to express verbally.

For more info visit: http://laurahathaway.tumblr.com/
(There are some truly beautiful photographs of Laura’s work on there)