Jessica Fulker is a London based multi-disciplinary artist. She works as an individual but also brings her practice into the community, facilitating art events and sharing her skills with people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

She experiments with the basic principles of drawing, sculpture and installation and her work encompasses a wide variety of media, from paint, to household parafinalia and found objects to electronics, sound and performance. Jessica celebrates the vast opportunities available due to the rise in available technology but combines technology and handicraft, creating works to which she has an emotional connection. She is driven by a desire to achieve a high level of craftsmanship, so while she experiments with new media, she also likes to refine the skills she has practiced over the last 15 years or so.

Her work is autobiographical and explores her identity, she explores the Id, Ego and Super Ego and challenges her ideas of trauma and experience throughout her life time and expects her audience to re-evaluate their own ideas and opinions. 

Jessica is currently creating an archive of her actions and movements by recording her conversations, filming herself working, dressing, sleeping and eating and taking note of her emotions and experiences. She is also keeping a record of her social media use and the way she presents herself to other people. This will culminate in a large scale installation she intends to complete roughly a year from now.

In her practice she seeks to empathise with others and build a connection to the products of life, living and dying. By embarking on emotional journeys, she is able to create physical totems that represent life’s traumas through her eyes. Her audience is confronted with complacency, disengagement and the elements of existence they take for-granted in an altogether more surreal and intense scenario. An uneasy audience are more open to emotional responses and can separate themselves from their preconceptions. Jessica wants people to travel a journey with themselves, to reunite body and soul and to help her continue in this exploration of the complexities of life, of living and of being human.

Alongside her personal practice, Jessica organises Art Events and facilitates a range of workshops. She is passionate about coordinating opportunities for the public to experience Visual Art on a range of levels and both tries to provide a platform for people to make art and to view it. Her current and most ambitious project is her 3rd Art Walk for the International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston. The festival is organised by Creative Youth, who facilitate creative progression for young people, and celebrates all forms of art, such as theatre, dance, comedy, poetry, circus, music and visual arts. The Art Walk will include a variety of workshops exploring everything from graffiti to body casting. Art made both in the workshops, and chosen through a submissions process, will be exhibited in over 12 venues throughout Kingston town, with a follow up show in a local gallery. Jessica is currently fundraising to make this project possible and is very grateful for any contributions made.

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