Hannah Luxton makes drawings and paintings inspired by the Romantic notion that the divine is located within raw nature. Combining the ephemeral qualities of the natural world with the authority of geometry and symmetry, she is building a visual language of motifs with a minimalist, reductivist approach. Each object has a value, and when they co-exist their significance is compounded. The works have an emotive core that is elemental, yet fragile and fleeting.

Harnessing these visual tools to activate imagination, Luxton’s painting operates in the realm of intensity and emotion, abiding to an elongated, slower sense of time. Paradoxically, the textures of her painted surfaces bring an immediacy to the work and reposition the paintings as objects. Paint stains and slides over her smooth, labour-intensive panel works, offering a different range of marks to that of her canvases. Her increasing body of work on sized, unprimed linen accentuates the physicality of the surface, whilst its brown and grey tones exercise a deeper understanding of colour relationships.

Luxton (b. London 1986) lives in London and works from her Tannery Arts studio. Slade School of Fine Art MA (2012). Kingston University, Fine Art BA (2008). Exhibited widely in London in independent solo and group exhibitions, and as far as India and Iceland. Residency awards include The Fljotstunga Travel Farm, Iceland (2015) and the Trelex Residency, Switzerland (2013).

More info: hannahluxton.com