Understanding what drives our creativity is complex, and we at LITVoid-Arts have felt “stuck” many times. In the past we’ve shared tips on ways to Refresh your creative energy or Revive your creative Mojo?, and now we’re here to share a few more tips that could help pull you out of that quicksand.

Being stuck in a creative rut is not the result of you lacking in ideas, but rather a brief inability to express them. The inability often comes from fear; fear of your competency or the quality of the outcome.

So our first suggestion is trying to:

Take a deep breath, have a cuppa, sit down and try to stay calm. Feeling like you’re lacking in creativity, especially when you have a deadline is scary, but panicking only makes things worse.

Revive an old idea or formula 
Start digging through your old idea archive, whether in your head or in an old note book, to find anything that you can to create a starting point. If you have nothing to go on then try recreating an old formula you used to turn out an old idea. We all have work that we felt could’ve done with improvement, so build on that old idea, remoulding it into a new one.

Talk to your friends
Share your problem with friends. They will all try and pitch in with their thoughts, and most won’t have the response you were looking for, but there will be one (and all you need is one) to say something that ignites an idea.

Don’t spend hours researching
Research is useful but sometimes we spend endless hours “researching” our problem when in fact all we are doing is searching for an idea to be handed to us. If you’re spending more than a couple of hours doing this, with no leads, then it’s time to stop and try something else.

Look at your resources 
What materials are available to you? Lay them out or write them all down. The type of resources you have readily available could determine what actions you can take or what possibilities are out there.

We’ve mentioned in previous articles the importance of sleep, changing your environment, and writing down thoughts. These are VERY important steps to rebalancing your mind and helping you gain a more optimistic attitude to problem solving. A well rested mind allows you to think through your ideas and thoughts more clearly.

As always, we hope these tips were useful. We’d love to hear your feedback!
Just remember to stay calm and positive because the creative rut is only temporary.