Yay! It’s a new year and time for a fresh start.

January is all about planning, setting out goals, building new routines and starting on all those ideas you had last year.

Equipment you will need:

  • A 2015 Diary/day planner.
    This is to note down all ideas, to-dos and stay organised with meetings and targets. Everyone who owns one always feels motivated to fill it out. So this is always great to have when starting your plan for the year. If a diary is not you thing then opt for a calendar. This way it’ll be on your wall and you can see it everyday.

Here is our short list of how to start the new year:

  • Wake up earlier. If anything this would make for a great New Year Resolution.
    Invest in a good alarm clock, and keep it a good distance from your bed. That way you’ll have to get up to turn it off.
  • Clear your desk, or studio.
    Having a fresh start means getting rid of the old. Clear your desk of clutter, get rid of unused and useless items. Make space for all the new work you’ll be making this year.
  • Organise your email inbox.
    Start categorising emails into folders, and emails that you need to retain you can put in its allocated folder. That way your inbox will be clear and it will make it easier for you to respond to emails faster and find them when needed. This will improve your productivity and the idea of looking at your inbox won’t be so daunting.
  • Make your to-do list the night before.
    Just as you are about to go to bed grab your notebook or day planner and list what needs to be done the following day. Give the tasks an allocated time frame or a deadline for it to be completed by, this will make the goals look realistic and will make your day far more productive.
  • Set up a savings account
    Either set up a savings account or start a jar of pennies and get collecting. This way you’ll soon have enough to invest in better equipment and for other business ventures.

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