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Tell Rosalie Schweiker what you think about her work and she’ll pay you £30.

“As part of her Artsadmin Artists’ Bursary, Rosalie Schweiker has been given £300 to spend on mentoring. Instead of using this money to network in private, Rosalie has decided to distribute it through a day of open mentoring sessions.

No matter if you work in the arts or not, you are invited to give Rosalie a thirty minutes mentoring session, for which you will be paid a £30 cash fee. Maybe you’ve seen Rosalie’s work develop over the recent years and have a clear idea of what she could do better? Or maybe you’ve never heard her name, but have always wanted to tell an artist what to do? Or maybe you’re a well-connected high-profile art world gatekeeper who could do with the cash? Whatever your motivation might be, you’re invited to do one of ten mentoring slots and share your (non-) knowledge.”

To book a session contact: or for more info: