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Born in Gorizia – North Italy, Franco Guidi began to take a great interest in photography during his university studies in Berlin. There he deepened his knowledge of the analogical techniques, photographing social aspects of everyday life. After he moved back to Florence he continued his education and graduated from the International School of Photography.

Following his passion on different cultures he started to travel across several countries in Asia finding his biggest inspirations in China and in its ancient traditions and its strong cultural contrasts.

This particular body of work Huangshang – China was inspired by Chinese landscape paintings. Franco photographed the landscapes he recognised from selected paintings and then placed the image of the original painting on top of the corresponding photograph, which resulted in these magnificent results.

Now, Franco Guidi is based in east London and he is specialising in documentary photography.

His work is focused on the living and working condition of people and of religious and cultural ethnic minorities.

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