Fiona Grady, a London based artist, creates work around “systems”. She makes large painting and prints centred around geometric and abstract shapes. Her work is often site specific as it is often created for a particular space, a temporary space. Fiona’s work takes a considerable amount of planning and reflects repetition, methodical arrangements/pattern,  and mathematical calculation.

Fiona explores subtilty in shadows, playing with ideas of light and dark on various surfaces and at various view points and angles in a room. Her work forces you to recognise the architecture, sharp lines and curves within the work and the space.

“My current series of subtle wall drawings ‘Fields of Light’ uses handmade egg tempera paint in the tradition of frieze paintings. In my construction method, I investigate the effects of light, surface and scale. This in turn allows the viewer to recognize the relationship between architecture, installation art and decoration whilst introducing a traditional medium to a modern context. Each piece is designed to change with the light of the day emphasising the passing of time and the ephemeral nature of the work”. – Fiona Grady

A Field of Light, 2012

Acrylic wall drawing on hoarding
Dimensions vary

Site-specific wall drawing made as a commission for Deptford Rail Station as part of Deptford X 2012, London. This is still on show in the station.


Folding Circles, 2013

A site specific collaboration between Fiona Grady and Brigitte Parausel for APT Open Studios 2013
Acrylic wall drawing and paper
Dimensions vary

For A.P.T.s annual Open Studios the resident artists invited guests to collaborate in or curate their studio spaces. Fiona was kindly invited by artist and friend, Brigitte Parusel, to create a joint project that investigated the common narratives in our individual practices. Folding Circles is the product of this discussion. The artwork reflects the discourse and challenges that we introduced to each other. Whilst testing our understanding of how we use geometry and systems to draw space.

For more information on Brigitte : http://www.brigitteparusel.com/bp_Site/Brigitte_Parusel.html


Illumination III, 2013

Handmade egg tempera on wall
Dimensions vary
Site-specific wall drawing

Illumination III was commissioned by Leeds City Council for Leeds Town Hall’s Bridewell Corridor as part of Light Night 2013. Light Night is an annual event that invites artists, art organisations and public institutions to open their doors late into the night so that city dwellers can see and experience Leeds in a new light.


For More info visit: http://fionagrady.co.uk