David Neat: a maker, a teacher of making

Author of book Model-making: Materials and Methods David Neat shares his skills and knowledge in the easily accessible form of an online blog: www.davidneat.wordpress.com 

He offers this blog as a free resource for sculptors, designers, model-makers, prop-makers or to anyone interested in the practicalities of ‘making’.
Starting the site a year ago, David began recording, demonstrating and sharing his experiences of making, seeking to create a ’no nonsense’, immediate and clear resource for those interested. It is simple and easy to navigate, offering various search possibilities. In addition to the dated posts there are pages grouped under ‘Materials’ or ‘Methods’, which includes information of suppliers and prices and a continually expanding glossary.
Currently David is working more figuratively, creating puppet heads for a stop motion animation therefore his recent posts and pages have been focused on figure modelling, working with wax, and understanding human figure proportions and their proportions in relation to architectural structures.