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Christian Patracchini is a London based interdisciplinary artist, curator and writer. His work and research is often concerned with how deception is woven into the texture of human life. How our lies are always an attempt to enforce our own subjective truth and our moral is flexible – a moral without rules; funny, simple, exquisite and unexpectedly precise.

He has presented several experimental works mixing choreography with improvisation, working collaboratively with visual & performance artists, musicians and writers. 
His work has featured in exhibitions and festivals in the UK and abroad, including the BIOS Festival in Athens 2009, the PAE Festival in Rotterdam 2010 and the Colloquium Festival 2011 at School of Speech and Drama. More recently he has been performing at the Month of Performance Art at L’Atelierkunst (Berlin) and at RichMix (London).

His first collection of poems and aphorisms Knots will be out in July 2014.

Since 2013 Christian has been curating flows a series of events presenting a platform, which aims at developing the text-action association for both emerging and established artists and writers.

For More information please visit:  www.christianpatracchini.com or contact: cp@christianpatracchini.com

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