Procrastinate no more! This is a list of free apps to help you stay focused on your goals. They are designed to encourage pro-active habits. Here are 5 “to-do list” apps with a twist.

1. Don’t Break The Chain! – “Start a chain and don’t break it”

A calendar style app that allows you to put an X on your goals completed. It lets you see a visual tracking of your success, and by being consistent in your actions towards your goals, it helps you to develop and improve your habits.

2. Finish – “The to-do list for procrastinators”

Finish is particularly great at helping students. Finish organises tasks by their due dates and even separates these into short or long-term due dates. Perfect for better time management.

3. Way of Life – “The ultimate habit builder & breaker”

Set daily reminders, log or track your daily habits, and Way of Life will show you the positive and negative trends in your lifestyle. It does this by presenting you the information in a variety of ways, such as bar charts, pie charts, score boarding and more.

4. CheckMark Goals – “Goals must be completed by the end of the day”

With CheckMark Goals you write down all the tasks you need to complete for that very day. It has a countdown timer and stats summary feature. Goals expire if not completed by the end of the day and two alerts are set by default to keep you on track.

5. Swipes – “Collects your tasks from emails and notes”

Swipes takes notes and tasks from your mailbox and Evernote and puts them in a compiled list for you. However if a task takes you longer to complete, you can simply swipe to “snooze” on upcoming tasks or simply schedule tasks for later.


Bonus Apps (paid):

1. CARROT – “The to-do list with a personality”

Keep CARROT happy by getting things done in real life, and she’ll reward you. But be careful! Slackers make CARROT upset, and you don’t want to make her upset.

2. HabitSeed – “Start changing your habits today!”

HabitSeed is a simple little app. Just select a habit that you want to change and stick to it for 21 days. HabitSeed will ask you everyday about your progress.