Leap Into The Void – Arts is a hub for creative sharing. It is open to all things imaginative and to all those who love creativity.

Founded by artist Gabrielle Cooper, Leap Into The Void – Arts aims to inspire, motivate, encourage and aid emerging artists whilst boosting creative collaboration.

We offer emerging artists a platform to show their work, offer tips and tricks to staying motivated and productive, and a place to network and collaborate. We also support emerging talent by occasionally running pop-up exhibitions and workshops. We do not limit ourselves to any specific creative medium and all events are open to everyone.

Our Ethos in a nutshell: To share talent, share knowledge, share contacts, and to be accessible, open and friendly.

Our Future Plans:
We are currently working towards leaving pop-ups behind by looking for a more permanent location, where we can offer more workshops and courses, exhibitions and opportunities as well as offer free literary resources.

If you would like to help us in doing so you can make a donation through PayPal here:



The Team

Gabrielle Cooper

Gabrielle Cooper



Mia McGregor

Mia McGregor

Assistant Editor

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