A616 is a film collective that comprises of Josh Alexander & David Kelly-Mancaux. This trilogy documents Lea Marshes and what ensues; each film explores particular facets of these​ marshes.​ Josh lived on the Waltham side of the marshes (now Sicily) and David on the Hackney (now Viet Nam).​

Breathe Wizard Breathe
 is a swirl of marsh dwellers (leafy mummers, car parks, tree spirits, pylons, goalposts) but ultimately a singular, omnipresent, character. A thin veil is lifted to reveal: magic. Voyeurism. Which leads to Please Don’t Leave Your Personal Longings on the Train. This one’s a low-fi approach that follows the weirdness of everything around a marshy estate with pulsating energy + daylight.


WARMING completes the trilogy. An awakening of language; the marsh is aware of us. ​


The role call:

Millfields, St. Augustine, Kingsmead Estate, Landmark Heights, Hackney Marshes, Middlesex Filter Beds, Clapton Park Estate, Lea River.


The trilogy, in its entirety, can now be viewed online here: https://vimeo.com/album/3334184



A616 is a film collective comprising of Josh Alexander (josh-alexander.com) & David Kelly-Mancaux (erkembode.com). Their first film together, for Saints on Film, was made for the Hardy Tree Gallery exhibition Not just Another Saint. Their latest effort, WARMING, is a filmpoem of the Hackney Marshes & makes The Marshes trilogy absolute. A616’s films can be viewed online at vimeo.com/a616.