Becoming a photographer who creates incredible and engaging photos is not something that is easily achievable. There are different things that have to be thought of, especially if you want to make a professional career that will allow you to start earning money from photography in different ways. If you want to create stunning artistic photos, these are some things that you should do.

Understanding the basics

This is where it all begins. Knowing how to use your tool is the strongest foundation that will allow you to prosper as a photographer. Some of the basics involve learning about how most popular cameras function. Additionally, it is important to understand what the terms shutter speed, aperture and ISO refer to.

Knowing how each of these things affects photos is the foundation.

Afterwards, it’s essential to focus on a variety of things such as composition, the rule of thirds and retouching photos. These are some of the basics that will give you an idea how to take appealing photos.

Then, there are things such as metering modes and focusing techniques that you need to understand in order to be able to make things come to life on your photos.

Learning about all these things is fairly easy nowadays, as there are plenty of online photography courses and pieces of information available from a variety of blogs.

Finding inspiration

Once you are familiar with the basics, it is important to start finding ideas and inspiration. In the past, this was hard to achieve, but nowadays, with a majority of image focused social media networks and websites that are going to help you get inspired, there are numerous different sources you can rely on.

Additionally, as you are going through different types of photography styles, you are going to get the general idea as to the direction you are willing to take. This process is something that you should continually perform, no matter how good you become, as you can always draw inspiration from other photographers and their amazing works of art.

Experimenting and being creative

The best way to become good at something is to start doing it regularly. It is important to go out of your home and take as many photos as possible. This is going to allow you to practice getting the right exposure in different types of lighting situations. Some things that you should do are:

  • Portrait and urban – Get together with friends and go out to capture photos in a variety of situations. This is going to allow you to explore portrait photography in a variety of ways. Additionally, start roaming through your city and capture a variety of different sights that will further help you get more creative.
  • Landscapes – Get moving a lot more and try to explore as many locations as possible. This is going to provide you with additional inspiration for capturing breathtaking sights that only nature can offer.
  • Brainstorm – Dedicate some time to brainstorm every week for future shooting locations. If you are running low on inspiration, get together with a couple of friends and brainstorm together, you will be amazed with the amount of ideas that you will get.

These are some of the pillars that will create a strong foundation for truly impressive art photography. Stay dedicated and creative and incredible photos are bound to happen. One of the important prerequisites is that you should truly enjoy photography, as it is going to be your main source of inspiration in your future career.



Written by Isabella Foreman

Isabella Foreman is a Freelance Content Writer.